Wealth, Wisdom and a Common Sense Legacy – Part 2 (Nov 2010)

Wealth, Wisdom and a Common Sense Legacy – Part 2 (Nov 2010)

There is a desire by many to leave a legacy of “common sense” as a memorial for friends and families to rally around in generations yet unborn. To leave a lasting imprint, your thoughts must be written down. If they are not published as a book, at least recorded in some manuscripts or even posted on a website that can be somewhat permanent, they will disappear like the dew in the morning sun.

One day the host of papers that we have written will be discarded in the dustbin, seen as information from some ancient bygone, insignificant era – until they are really needed when current events become just like we predicted it would be.

Tracking the past 100 years is a way of determining the effectiveness of political, economic and spiritual leaders.

My greatgrandfather emigrated from Germany to Wisconsin and on to Nebraska. That era goes back more than 150 years. He and my grandfather were of the homestead times and they were both skilled carpenters. Many homes and farmsteads were being built in small towns as new emerging agriculture and small town economies were taking root.