Making Your Life Count (Jan 2011)

Making Your Life Count (Jan 2011)

You have a passion for life as you define your destiny. You are traveling the road of experiential, progressive and continuous lifelong learning. You can only go as far as you can envision yourself going in life.

Life for some is tough, but you are made strong in adversity. You have a treasure of experiences to share to help build your family, communities and even nations abroad. You live in the Kingdom of God in the Earth – that Shalom of hope and peace. You participate in reinforcing the seven domains of culture that are within your reach and influence. We all must live a relevant gospel, dealing with the issues of today.

You are an influencer, an agent, a world changer right where you live and work. Be active to help transform your block, your community, town and country. Let the light of your family of leaders shine bright and far as a beacon showing others that ―grace is available here‖ and hope guides you on.

Jesus is the Lord of the marketplace. Live your life just like He did, helping people find peace, provision and power to reach their potential in partnership with that spirit of grace, hope and eternity. Jesus came to make all things right. Your part also is to help make things right, just and fair in your areas of influence.

Meditate on these thoughts and apply them to your life in every way possible. Share hope with others, pick up the trash on your street and help make your community a greater place to live. This commentary is written to encourage your participation in Kingdom development and nation building from your street to the nation’s political and financial power centers. It is presented to help you grow in geopolitical and global economic understanding and willingness to take action right from your home base to impact the world and eternity that has already begun.