The Old Testament Template – Part B

This course builds on the foundation laid in Part A.  In this series Landa Cope goes into more detail on each of the different spheres/domains of society and further elaborates on how the Bible lays a firm foundation for human flourishing in: Government, Church, Science and Technology, Business and Economics, Family, Education, Arts and Entertainment and Communication.

This like the previous course is a survey course, that helps us understand that the scriptures inform each of these spheres/domains.

In the Old Testament we find a template for building a good, godly and just society where people can flourish and fulfill their God given destiny.  There is an instruction manual – The Bible tells us more than how to get to heaven.

I encourage you to check out the many wonderful resources that Landa and her team have on their website The Template Institute.  Landa Cope is the Founding International Dean of the College of Communication for Youth With A Mission’s University of the Nations.