10. Can Nations Be Reformed?

Optimism is a key to the the West’s development.

Russian and French revolutions were the outcome of the enlightenment’s faith in man (humanism). They taught us that when man is enthroned as savior (messiah) he becomes a monster.

The German (Reformation), English and American revolutions were successful because they were spiritual movements that sought first the purity of their own hearts before the reform of their nations.

John Wesley for example made his focus and the focus of his preaching:  individual redemption leading to social regeneration

many modern churches seek revival!  They seek the first part but neglect the last part the social regeneration and this is a problem. It’s not one or the other its both, beginning with the transformation of the individual, but never stopping there.

See Article England Before and After Wesley

Jesus taught his disciples to pray, thy Kingdom come, thy will be done ON EARTH as it is in heaven.

We can see historical precedent for transformation of poor, ignorant, violent and corrupt nations. There is hope, these historical moves of God show us a template.

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