8. Why Monks Created Technology

If necessity is not the mother of invention then what is?

Buddhist and Christian monks both could not take wives to work: cook food, carry water, chop wood, etc. Buddhism taught their monks to beg for food but Christian monks were taught to work.

The Bible teaches that those who do not work shall not eat. 2Thess 3:10

The Bible made a distinction between work and toil. In the book of Genesis we see God working for 6 days, so work is dignified and sanctified by this fact. So to work is to be like God, but toil was a curse a result of the fall. What is toil? We see it in Gen 3:19 – Toil is mindless repetitive dehumanizing labor.

The Bible teaches us that human beings should not have to do what wind, water or beasts of burden could do.

Francis Bacon (a Christian Scientist) taught that man’s place of dominion (and stewardship) in creation can be restored through science, learning and technology

Science and technology was developed by monks in monasteries, but the reformation took it out of the monasteries and gave it to the world.

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