5. Democracy: Why It Finally Worked

Why do tyrants fear the Bible? Because the Bible fired the modern quest for freedom. Martin Luther wrote his Treatise on Christian Liberty in 1520 and laid a foundation for biblical liberty in the soul of Western civilization.

Of course the ideas of representative government are found in the Old Testament, when Jethro gave advice to Moses, and later when Moses said to the people, “choose men based on their merits from each of your tribes.” Deut 1:13

This was discovered by the reformers, who found the scriptures taught about the rights and dignity of every believer. Scottish reformers called this rule by the people “popular sovereignty” (it was later renamed by Scottish enlightenment as democracy).

Every citizen has rights (as one who is free) and responsibilities (as a servant).

The Jesus modeled the Biblical idea that the greatest is the servant of all. reflected in the title “Prime Minister” first servant.

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